Life Insurance Cover (LIC) Agent in India - Mos Utility


Who doesn’t want a prudent life insurance cover to take care of unforeseen contingencies in life? The recent pandemic has also forced people to think ahead and opt for a more comprehensive life insurance policy covering the threat of virus including omicron. MOS world’s seamless and integrated platform is useful for all LIC agents who wish to operate their business with ease. Our site and app have included attractive features for all agents who aspire to offer best insurance services to their clients via web support. No need of standing in long queues to pay insurance premium at LIC’s authorized branches. Get in touch with our agents who are adept to give you choicest service within your comfort zone. One can choose any mode of payment such as cash, cheque, or transfer through IMPS/NEFT.


• Skilled customer service

• 24/7 contact center assistance

• Timely premium payment reminder

• Safe and secure platform

• Multiple options to make payment

• Varied list of insurance services offered

• Customized solution

How Does BBPS Work?

To operate this portal, a person has to undergo verification process such as Aadhaar card with fingerprint scanning or card swipe option. Once verified, he or she will be able to select options for various transactions like cash deposit, fund transfer, eKYC based saving account, Aadhaar seeding, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and service request acceptance. Note, these options can be different depending upon banks or fintechs.