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The hotel API of MOS is technically innovative and can boost the travel portal of our agents in every aspect. Through our integrated system, one can strike a good deal with a large number of hotel inventories, book accommodation or cancel rooms easily and efficiently. As our agents and trusted travel partners, you can diversify your portfolio of hotel accommodation, international and domestic hotel content and choicest contract deals.


• Hassle Free Booking and Cancellation

• Secure and Reliable Platform

• 24/7 Customer Support

• Customised and Flexible Packages

• Easy Management

• Wide Range of Hotels and Resorts

Be it a business trip, a holiday or a pilgrimage anywhere in India or world, Our hotel booking engine offers a powerful hospitality, boarding and lodging solution by offering large number of hotels and rooms options across India and overseas to facilitate the end user in making bookings of their choice well in advance. As on date, we are tied up with hotels across India and overseas and is in a position to offer more than 200,000 properties across India and the world.

How Does Hotel Booking Works?

We provide our agent secured online hotel booking engine. As an agent you can instantly reserve hotel from our hotel booking portal. On every booking there will be instant commission given to agent. It is very easy you just have to specify destination with date and within few seconds, our portal will display all available options with best rates. Agent can select the hotel as per requirement and instant book the hotel and issue ticket to his/her customers.