Become a Distributor in India - Mos Utility


Already a distributor performing pivotal role in the supply chain? Get ready to harvest rich profits from your distribution business. You can be a master in your local area as you are strategically aligned to respond to a customer’s needs instantly. Incorporate your own marketing skills, boost sales, grab their attention and earn their loyalty. We welcome you onboard to expand your network through MOS Fintech Franchise and enjoy exclusive privileges. No need to hold physical stock, incur extra expenditure on space or warehouse and hire additional workers. Just start your distribution business from your phone or PC. Each time your retailer strikes a deal, it is a double dhamaka, a win-win situation for both to earn commission instantly.


Big Basket of Products and Services
Customized Channel Partnership Programs
Cross Industry Expertise
Identify Buyer Behaviour and Preferences
Incentives and Rewards
Relevant Exchange and Interaction
Work within your Comfort Zone
Work within your Comfort Zone