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Transform your shop into a Fintech Company and facilitate digital banking. Provide varied services through DMT, M-ATM, AEPS and NSDL payment and earn handsome commission.

At MOS, we are scaling up financial inclusion to the remotest corners of India. For the convenience of our customers, we are providing operational flexibility to our retailers and distributers to improve the flow of credit. The focus is to dovetail banking products and raise the bar of financial inclusion at micro level.

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Our premium Direct Money Transfer (DMT) service offers excellent advantage and financially prudent solution to transfer cash to any place in India.

The unorganised sector consisting of daily wage earners, labourers and other manual workers who face lot of issues in cash deposits or transfer of funds to their family and relatives located in remotest corners of India. The Direct Money Transfer facility is a boon to them as it very convenient to use and transfer money anywhere in India safely and securely.

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Empower several sections of the society by expediating banking and financial services through Aadhar data. Turn into an ATM and assist in withdrawal using biometrics.To speed track the banking inclusion in the country, AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System) was introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India. AEPS is providing a huge business opportunity because more than half a lakh of ATM machines cannot cater to the needs our population across Pan India.

• Name of the Bank

• User’s Issuer Identification Number (IIN) or Name

• Aadhar Card Number linked with the bank account

• Biometrics of Self

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Be among our choicest Business Correspondents (BC) and deliver numerous Banking Services within your comfort zone. Our portal will allow you to conduct instant and secure banking transactions. You could be a local grocer or an owner of a small establishment and through our platform you could be a Micro-ATM as well. Basic functions of an ATM such as Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer of Funds and Balance Enquiry can be easily conducted through the low-cost micro ATMS that will be connected with major banks across the nation.

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The Kiosk Banking is the inventiveness of the Reserve Bank of India. It is initiated for the people residing in villages or in other distant areas who are unable to get banking services, owing to the non-obtainability of a bank branch in their neighbourhood. In such prearrangement, the individual is not obligatory to go the bank to get the banking services. As an alternative, the bank will come to the village where the individual can make the dealings

Mos Utility Private Limited is the authorized NSDL Banking Registration provider and representative of many banks for providing people of remote areas with all the banking facilities they need. Our NSDL Kiosk bank service plays a vital role in meeting the entire financial needs of people in areas where there are no bank branches. We offer NSDL Kiosk CSP Registration to enable the weaker sections of the civilization or low-revenue groups to access financial services and gain the credit at a more affordable or at a lower cost. Our Kiosks are the small internet-operated booths established in the remote villages where the people can come and gain elementary banking services.

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